2day was a sneak attack from the enemy…i am still reeling from it

to Stephanie

: josh & i just had a HUGE fight.  my nerves were fine until 2day.  he was gonna have 2 black strangers from Craigs list come over here to look at the TV…after all that i have read about people getting killed from letting strangers (regardless of race) into their homes from Craig’s list…i could not believe that he would endanger our lives like that…please have a talk with him.  omg…there was an article in the paper which i just pulled up on the internet about a man getting killed in front of his entire family.  who knows why people do what they do that is crazy.   some nut job could be trolling the ads and just looking for someone 2 murder just for the pleasure of it.    OK josh says trust in Jesus, sure I do…but God wants us to make wise decisions
: He wants us to bathe things like this in prayer.   we BOTH live here so we BOTH should have prayed together about letting strangers in here.  I have had probably about 20 apartments in my lifetime with and without roommates and ALL of them, even the one over by Fran’s brother when we lived on Wells got robbed.   One of the babysitters robbed me…they didn’t take much, but it was the principle of the thing.  He has got 2 learn that it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich…you don’t let people who answer an ad into your home.  the wise thing to do would be to sell it by word of mouth to someone from the neighborhood.  i am putting it on FB in the Bridgeport Group and even then i would meet the person at a coffee shop or get references and check them out
 i stayed up all night: now that he is leaving 2 come & pick u & mas up i can maybe go 2 sleep, but my nerves r shot….i have a roast that i am planning on making, but i don’t know if i can even do that now…i just want 2 get out of here…and not just 4 today..i want 2 move..this apt is beyond dirty…josh’s room smells like a toilet & that’s cause he smokes in there..he leaves food in there & he gets mad when i go in there 2 get it out of there…i don’t want 2 live this way anymore…i have got 2 start 2 look 4 an apt 4 myself that is cheaper than this one…sorry 4 ramblin on but i have not had any sleep & i am getting what  u had…have been sneezing coughing  blowing my nose all night….i hope u do read this cause i know it’s long, but i just had 2 vent & ur the only person josh knows who has good sense…i know ur mom & dad would freak out if u invited some strangers into ur home with them 2 look at something 2 buy from Craig’s list…anyway…i love u & mas …this is gonna take a while 4 me 2 get over…he said alot of bad stuff 2 me…there is just so much i can take….<3<3<3  sorry4 ramblin on


About godslittlekitty

Just a simple, single mom to a 24 1/2 yr. old son, who has now 4 year old son, (my only grandson). I love the Lord because He first loved me. I am reborn and redeemed. (Feb 5 2016)
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