My son finally crossed the line. He has made me so angry and so hurt this time that I cannot go back to living the way it has been. I forgive him, but I cannot be around him. I have to keep this blog brief so that I can get to my room and lock myself in before he comes home. I will type more in a day or so. I just had to put this into words with a date, cause it’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.


About godslittlekitty

Just a simple, single mom to a 24 1/2 yr. old son, who has now 4 year old son, (my only grandson). I love the Lord because He first loved me. I am reborn and redeemed. (Feb 5 2016)
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One Response to Discontent

  1. there definitely was a change, except it wasn’t the kind of change i was expecting at the time i wrote this…i was expecting a bad change, and instead i grew so much closer to the Lord then i could have ever imagined and so i wrote the next blog, i don’t know when my son will read it, but i know he will at the right time…I give God the Glory…HALLELUJAH!!

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